Business Lines

Phone Graphic
Whether your business has one line or many, we can almost certainly provide a savings over what you pay now. If you need Internet access as well, we may have a creative solution that would help to streamline your operations. As a bonus, you will receive FREE caller ID.

We offer traditional phone lines, not Voice over IP. We have our own telephone switch that links to the public network. We connect with the local phone company at its central office for the area so that we have access to the lines running to your business. Making the move to Cyber Mesa is seamless. You keep your existing phone line(s), and the actual switchover takes minutes.

On the Internet side, we can probably provide DSL access in addition to phone service. Alternately, if you have more than 8 phone lines but do not qualify for DSL (due to distance or lack of copper) we can provide service over a T1, a large circuit with the capacity of 24 phone lines. The T1 can supply voice lines and/or Internet access. We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your business.

Better yet, we provide a written quote that includes any calling features you might select, as well as surcharges and taxes. You can compare our rates with your current bill with confidence.

Please give Mike or Efrain a call at our main number in Santa Fe, 505-988-9200. They are ready and willing to discuss your options and propose the best solution for your organization.