Cyber Mesa Long Distance

Arms around the World

Our long distance plan is refreshingly simple: we charge 4.9¢ per minute across the USA and Canada in 6 second increments. For other parts of the world we charge somewhat less than the traditional phone companies. For example, a call to France runs 7¢ a minute. A call to India is 30¢ per minute. Keep in mind, though, that calling to mobile phones abroad increases the cost significantly.

While our competitors often impose service charges in exchange for lower rates - or require some sort of minimum usage - we only charge when you make a call. Telecom taxes and surcharges do apply, but that is true for all phone companies. There are no hidden extras.

Our long distance service is available to ALL Cyber Mesa customers in good standing in Qwest territory. If you would like to take advantage of our low rates, please fill out the form below. We will contact you to verify the change. After that, your Cyber Mesa monthly invoice will include any long distance calls you make with information about duration and destination.