Domain Name Service Change Coming Soon

We are about to make a change that could effect your service at some point in the future. We are changing our Primary Domain Name Service (DNS) to a new number: One reason for the change is that we now have two DNS servers that are geographically diverse, one in Albuquerque and one in Santa Fe. Both reside at a secure location that will be more impervious to loss of power and circuit outages.

We will forward the old Primary DNS to the new Primary DNS. Therefore, you will not notice any difference. We do want to encourage you to make the change on your side, however, so that you will not be affected in the event that the forwarding breaks or is eliminated down the road. It is desirable to have the correct DNS numbers because it will offer a modest boost in speed when surfing the Web.

When the time is ripe we will send out an email and post instructions in this area.

We realize that implementing the new DNS number will require some of your time and cause modest inconvenience, so we thank you in advance for participating.