Residential Voice Service with DSL

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We offer residential voice services with DSL Internet access. Our rates are generally below those of the company that enjoyed a monopoly in the past. For customer service and support you will deal with fellow New Mexicans.

If you opt for our Voice/DSL service you can keep your existing phone number. You can even keep your third-party long distance service, if beneficial.

The first step is to see if your phone line qualifies for DSL. To find out, please fill out our online DSL form. Alternately, give us a call. We maintain local numbers in many cities and towns in New Mexico.

Assuming that you do qualify for DSL broadband, then we will contact you to discuss the finer points, such as calling features and long distance. At that point, we will email you a quote that you can compare with your exiting phone bill. The quote will include all attendant taxes and surcharges so that you have a valid basis for comparison.

On the DSL front, your account will include three free mailboxes and a free personal Web site with up to 15 megabytes of space. You can, of course, talk on the phone while surfing the Web - a big advantage to DSL. Depending on your location, we offer the following DSL speeds at the following rates:


DSL 384
DSL 768
DSL 1.5
DSL 3.0
DSL 7.0
Outbound Speed

Inbound Speed

Monthly Charge

Obtainable speeds might be lower due to the quality of the copper line from the central office to your home.

Note that the above rates are for DSL ONLY when added to the cost of a voice line. Taxes vary according to your location, and surcharges change quarterly. We can, however, give you a consolidated quote with current taxes and surcharges that you can compare to your recent phone or cable bill. Just give us a call, and we will send you a written quote via email.

Our residential voice service comes with FREE Caller ID. We offer a savings on other calling features as well, including a choice of three for $14 per month. Our long distance is hard to beat: 4.9¢ per minute for both instate and across the county.

Please give us a call at 505-988-9200 in Santa Fe to learn if you qualify for Cyber Mesa residential service with DSL. We're much more fun to deal with than other phone companies!