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Broadband to the Internet

Fiber-to-the Premises (FTTP)

Cyber Mesa provides FTTP in the Railyard area of Santa Fe, at Casas de San Juan and at Los Caminitos. We also have a modest amount of fiber in Silver City. Fiber represents the best broadband solution available today. The speed capacity on fiber is almost limitless. Speeds do not vary, and almost always, the fiber is more impervious to physical interference.

If you live in any of the locales where we offer fiber, please check with us for availibility. It is the way to go when and where possible!

Fixed Wireless

All of our fixed wireless services connect to our fiber and the Internet backbone. Fixed wireless is a wonderful solution where fiber is not available (1.e., most of New Mexico). The wireless is fast enough to take advantage of Netflix and other streaming video.

Fixed wireless does require line-of-sight to a transmitter, located at an access point. Cyber Mesa maintains a number of access points in Santa Fe, Espanola and Silver City. Barring extensive trees, we can often provide solid, high-speed Internet access.

Enterprise Internet

Businesses near the center of town that cannot access fiber can often benefit from Enterprise Internet. The technology utilises bundled copper to deliver high speeds.

Service at its Finest!
Cyber Mesa provides high-speed Internet services at competitive rates. We offer personalized customer service second to none. We believe that our focus to provide unparalleled service will ensure the greatest success for our company.

Telecom Services

Business Phone Lines

Cyber Mesa is a full-fledged telephone company offering all telecom services. Our business lines provide a savings over other phone companies. Our long-distance is competitively priced as well.

Just DSL

Cyber Mesa provides DSL Internet access over a phone line without voice service. The savings comes from eliminating the taxes and surchages inherent in a voice line. Many people today are happy with a cell phone and do not require a land line.

Residential Lines with DSL

We offer residential phone service in combination with DSL Internet access. If your Internet aspirations are limited to email, a phone line in combination with DSL is an economical approach. While many people are eliminating the land line, one advantage is that a traditional phone provides peace of mind if you ever need to call 911.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides voice phone service over the Internet instead of through the telephone network. It works well over wired broadband. Cyber Mesa offers a fair amount of free domestic long distance on its VoIP service.

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Wireless and Fiber: John, Jason and Dean

Solutions Galore

Cyber Mesa has embraced the latest technology, but it also has access to traditional telecom offerings. We provide fiber-to-the-home in two outlying communities in the Santa Fe area. We enjoy finding ways to extend broadband beyond its current limits. If you face a broadband challenge, we are happy to brainstorm with you. Just give us a call.

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Network Operations: Tim and Mike

Other Internet Services


If you have your own domain we can host it so that your email address reflects your domain. The advantage of owning a domain is that your email address will never change. Alternately, we offer a number of domains that you can adopt for your email address. The domains are interchangeable with If you leave Cyber Mesa, you can continue using the Cyber Mesa domain you select for a small monthly charge.


We host quite a few websites. Our Web servers support many applications and technologies such as SQL, MySQL, PHP and WordPress. Unlike other hosting services, humans answer the phone, and we can generally help when issues arise.