Cyber Mesa Service Offerings   Telecommunication at its Finest

Cyber Mesa is committed to offering its customers numerous telecom and Internet-related services at competitive rates, while delivering a level of customer service that is second to none. We believe that our focus to provide unparalleled service to our customers in lieu of maximizing bottom-line profitability will ensure the greatest success for our company.

Voice Services

Residential with DSL

We become your full-service phone company with DSL Internet access. Currently we provide Caller ID free of charge!

Business Lines

We offer a full selection of calling features and and voice mail. Current promotion includes three free features. You will save over the competition.

Large Voice Circuits

Voice service is delivered over a T1 that accommodates up to 23(PRI) or 24 individual lines. Our rates offer you a substantial savings.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP requires a high-speed connection, such as DSL, T1 or Enterprise Internet. Our network is fine-tuned to offer exceptional voice quality.

Long Distance

Our rate for the U.S. and Canada is 4.9¢ per minute in 6 second increments. Our international rates are a tad under the competition - for example, 7¢ per minute to France. We offer long distance to all of our subscribers, whether or not you can take advantage of our voice services.

Data Services

Standalone DSL

Uses a telephone line without voice to deliver broadband. The data only service saves you the hefty voice surcharges. Available at 1.5, 3 and 7 megabits per second depending on location.

Fixed Wireless

Wireless has come of age! It is reliable, fast and relatively inexpensive. To date, our wireless service covers an extensive portion of Santa Fe.

Enterprise Internet

We now have the equipment to deliver a new technology that provides from 1.5 to 30 megabits per second at a lower cost than the traditional large circuit. What's more, it maintains the same speed in both directions. Enterprise Internet is only available, however, close to the center of town.

Large Data Circuits

We offer T1s (1.5 megabits per second both up and down) and bonded T1s. The traditional technology is most reliable and can be delivered virtually anywhere.

Voice and Data Combined

Integrated Large Circuit

T1s are comprised of 24 channels that can deliver a combination of voice and data. Alternately, with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the circuit can be configured dynamically, meaning that when phones are not in use, all of the bandwidth is available for data. The dynamic solution accommodates existing phones - so no need to purchase VoIP equipment.
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Service Availability

We deliver large circuits across New Mexico - from Las Cruces to Taos. We are limited, however, as to where we can provide regular phone lines for home or business. The individual lines require that we have our own equipment in the local telecom Central Office. To date, we have equipment in the following towns.
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Internet Services

Internet Dial-up and DSL

While broadband will supplant dial-up in the future, many customers continue to use dial-up to access the Internet. Also, in some instances when we cannot provide DSL in a given locale, we still can remain the Internet Service Provider. The advantage is that you can keep your email address and continue to enjoy our Tech Support.

Domain Names

If you have your own domain we can host it so that your email address reflects your domain.

Web Hosting

Our Web servers support many applications and technologies such as SQL, MySQL, PHP and WordPress. We maintain two geographically diverse access points to the Internet backbone, assuring redundancy and reliability.

Web Site Design

We design sites at reasonable rates. Since we host sites, we can ensure that your site works properly on the servers as well. We are also available to update your site.