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Please give our Tech Support a call if you face any difficulty. There is almost always a viable solution, and sometimes a simple one. All of us benefit when you succeed. For less urgent concerns and inquiries, you can also send an email to Cyber Mesa Support:

Manage your Account


Here are some automated tasks that you can perform on line. You may be asked for your username (the part before the "@" sign for the primary user on your account), plus the password. If you get stuck for any reason, please call us at 1-888-988-2700 or at 988-9200 in Santa Fe. We also maintain local numbers in many New Mexico communities.

Forwarding Email or Using the Auto Responder

If you would like to forward email to a different address or to create an automatic response to let friends know you are away, please access Web Mail. The Options menu in Web Mail allows you to customize many features including email forwarding and setting up an auto response.

Email and Spam

Web Mail

Cyber Mesa offers Web Mail so that you can check your email from virtually any computer anywhere that has Internet access. You can log in from our home page or from this page. We do not recommend Web Mail as a substitute for a real email program that resides on your computer and stores your email locally. It's just for when you travel.

Spam Control

We block as much spam as possible and store it on a remote server. Each subscriber can access a Dashboard with various options to block or permit specific senders. The login screen asks for your "Email". You can simply put in your username (the part before the "@" sign of your email address), or you can enter your Even if you use a different domain for your email address, to access your Dashboard you need to use the "" as the domain.

Important Resources

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Web Mail
Spam Dashboard


Since Internet access is available at hotels and coffee shops across the country, Cyber Mesa no longer offers national dial-up for traveling customers. We continue to offer dial-up access across New Mexico.
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