Cyber Mesa Web Hosting
Earth in a web

Cyber Mesa runs a number of Web servers at its headquarters in Santa Fe. Essentially, we provide Linux servers that support Apache, My Sequel and PHP. Our Windows servers provide for Sequel, ASP and WordPress. We also run Domino servers for IBM Notes.

The State of New Mexico has a statute that exempts both domains and websites from all taxes. Our monthly charge for a website is $12, plus $4 for your domain. We offer free email addresses so that your staff enjoys the professionalism of receiving email at your domain.

Cyber Mesa supports Net Neutrality and does not throttle Web traffic in any way. If the repeal of Net Neutrality takes hold, our position ensures that your website is on an equal footing with all others.

To learn more give Cyber Mesa a call at 988-9200 in Santa Fe (1-888-988-2700 from other areas).