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Air is the transport for fixed wireless, so it provides more bandwidth at a lower cost. Ten years ago wireless gear required a major investment, and the service was much less reliable than a wired solution. In the interim, equipment costs have come down dramatically, and reliability has increased ten-fold.

Our offerings start at 1.5 megabits per second for $29.95 per month plus the local sales tax. Our plans include email and tech support.

In addition to asynchronous wireless where the upload speed is half of the download speed, we have an even more robust offering where the upload speed matches the download speed. If you are sending large files, such as movies in high-definition, 20mbps or more on the upload side provides a perfect solution.

In Santa Fe in particular, there is some controversy about the electro-omagnetic emissions. Please note that the radios we provide use less power than a cell phone - and the radio on the roof is far from your ear. We would not offer wireless if we were not certain that it's safe!

We are expanding our coverage in the Santa Fe area at a rapid pace. Still, ee do need to check that your location can receive a signal from one of our radios.

To learn more about Fixed Wireless, give Cyber Mesa a call at 988-9200 in Santa Fe (1-888-988-2700 from other areas). Ask for Mike, Efrain or Jan in our Sales group. Alternately, to see if your location qualifies, click on the bar below, and give us your basic information.

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