Rates for Dial-up Accounts

We offer a number of different plans to accommodate individual requirements and usage. All of our accounts except the Shell Account include complete Internet access and entitle subscribers to a personal Web Site up to 15 megabytes in size.

In addition, our Regular Account offers free extra email accounts, and our Power Account even includes additional accounts that can dial in simultaneously.

Account Type
per Month
Per Excess Hour
$ 18.95
No Limit
No Charge
30 hours
270 hours
220 hours
160 hours
* Time for ISDN rates is quoted per B Channel hour, each channel being 64k.

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Cyber Mesa Accounts

The Regular Account is designed for home use and includes three free mailboxes for other family members. Because we do not charge for excess time, we do limit you to one concurrent connection. In the interest of utilizing our resources to the benefit of all, we would remind you that the Regular Account does not entitle you to maintain a permanent connection (see Dedicated Services). We do ask that you disconnect when you are not at your computer and actively using the Internet.

Our Occasional Account provides limited access for those who need email but do not spend much time surfing the Web. It's a good, no frills starter package.

The Power Account offers a good solution for businesses that need separate dial-up accounts and mailboxes for a number of staff members. Optimally, three co-workers could enjoy up to 90 hours on line each per month with a personal mailbox and full Internet access.

ISDN offers higher speed on demand. An ISDN phone line from US West costs about $72 per month. The good news is that it is actually two phone lines for voice, which makes it more economical than two separate business lines. One ISDN channel can be used to access the Internet with the other free for voice traffic. In addition, both channels can form one 128k pipe to increase Internet access speed. Cyber Mesa provides ISDN in Albuquerque, Silver City, Santa Fe and Taos.

Our Shell Account is a remnant of yesteryear. It provides for text-based Internet access - no browser support and no graphics. We offer the account for seasoned UNIX experts.

Payment Terms

Payment for monthly access is due at the beginning of the calendar month. We prefer credit cards because we have an automated system that processes the billing all the way to the bank. We do, however, accept cash, check or purchase order on the condition that monthly access charges are prepaid in three-month increments.

While the first month is prorated. we request that cash, check and purchase order subscribers prepay three full months. The payment is credited to the individual account and drawn against at the start of each month.

Upon completion of the billing process at the beginning of each month, we send every subscriber (individual or company) an email statement of the account status and the charges incurred. Please visit our Policies and Procedures section for more information.

Volume Discount

We offer a 20% discount on monthly access for single-source billing with more than ten individual accounts. The discount is available to legal entities that maintain multiple accounts under one Cyber Mesa Customer Account.

Personal Web Sites and Disk Space

Each account (as listed above) comes with 15 megabytes of disk space. You are welcome to utilize the space for a personal Web Site. We are not concerned as to whether or not the Web Site promotes a profitable undertaking. Our distinction between a personal and a commercial site is where the site is stored and the manner in which it is accessed. Personal Web Sites reside in your directory on our Server and are viewed through www.cybermesa.com/~youruserid. Commercial Web Sites reside on more powerful servers, and they are accessed through either a virtual domain or a directory name of the customer's choice.

We charge 30˘ per megabyte or portion thereof in the event that you happen to exceed your alotted 15 megabytes. While we have yet to collect from anyone, we do reserve the right to charge $2 per 10,000 hits in excess of 10,000 accesses to your Web Site per month.

Email Solutions

Regular Accounts are entitled to up to three additional mailboxes free of charge. Power Accounts can have up to two additional dial-up accounts plus two extra mailboxes. If you need more, we have a couple plans:

Additional Mailboxes  All accounts can subscribe for additional mailboxes (without dial-up capability) for a $4 sign-up fee and $4 per month.

Virtual Mailboxes  If you have a domain name with Cyber Mesa and want to let others in different parts of the country use your domain for their email address, then we can create a mailbox for them and forward all email for that account to the home server. The sign-up fee is $4, and the monthly charge is $1.

Domain Name Selection

For configuration purposes your email server is mail.cybermesa.com. You can, however, select a different domain for your email address. You can opt for any of the following domains (which are aliased to cybermesa.com):


We also offer a number of New Mexico domains.

We welcome your business!

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