Many Internet outfits offer the opportunity to maintain a calendar and address book online. Our system has an important added feature - you can keep your Agenda offline as well!

The service is available to Regular dial-up accounts and above. It is also offered to DSL and dedicated line customers. Mailboxes do not qualify. Sadly, the service does not work on the Macintosh platform.

The Cyber Mesa Agenda incorporates Mail, Calendar, To Do List, Contacts and a Notebook. All of the functions are accessible from one page. They are remarkably sophisticated, giving you control over text attributes and viewing options. Since the Agenda resides on a Web server, you can access it from any computer - anywhere - that has Internet access and uses Internet Explorer as a browser.

What makes the Cyber Mesa Agenda head and shoulders above other Internet offerings is that you can also maintain it on your own computer without connecting to the Internet. The first time you click Go Offline from within your online Agenda, you will have the opportunity to download a program that allows you to synchronize your new Agenda with your local computer. You can make changes online from Timbuktu or offline on your own computer. When you connect to the Internet from your home base, our server and your computer will replicate to each other so that both systems contain all of the updates you have made.

The Cyber Mesa Agenda represents cutting-edge technology (thanks to Lotus). We are pleased to provide the service to our customers free of charge (see above). We also offer the service to third parties at a fee of $7.95 per month (paid by credit card only). If you would like to try it, click on the appropriate button below.