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Three separate fiber optic connections to the Internet backbone
Support for many popular server platforms
Ten FREE mailboxes
Online Web site statistics
Shopping Cart and Secure Transactions available

Cyber Mesa maintains a number of commercial Web servers:

Linux servers with Apache, PHP, and My Sequel
Windows servers with ASP and Sequel
Front Page from 98 to the most current
Dot Net Nuke, designing through the Web
Domino servers, allowing real-time updates

Typically, you would select the server that best matches your approach to Web site design, your goals for your site and your budget. For example the Linux and Domino servers offer better security than Windows servers, but security may not be an important issue. The Domino Server in conjunction with at least one copy of Lotus Notes can be used to update a Web Site in real time (without uploading and downloading files), but then there is the added expense of more Server space and purchasing Lotus Notes. Dot Net Nuke is a simple, cost-free approach but somewhat less flexible than more traditional methods of Web design.

Our rates for a Web site, however, are the same regardless of the server you select. We charge $12 per month for a commercial Web site up to 100 megabytes in size. If the site exceeds 100 megabytes, we charge 30 per additional megabyte or portion thereof. We reserve the right to charge 1 per hit in excess of 10,000 hits per month. We have yet to charge anyone, but if a site becomes so popular that it strains our network, then we would want further compensation.

Note that we do not charge a set-up fee for a Web site because we assume that you or your designer has the knowledge to upload the site to the assigned directory. If we are called upon to upload the site or to instruct you on how to perform file transfers, then we do charge $60 per hour for our services.

On our commercial servers, you have freedom with regard to CGI and PHP scripting, though we would caution you that scripts can compromise security.

We also maintain a secure site in the event that you want to do online credit card transactions. The surcharge for using the secure area is $5 per month.

On all of our Web servers we maintain logs that document accesses to each Web site. We encourage our customers to download and examine the statistics for their sites.The statistics can be accessed through a Web browser, but we encourage our customers to download them for a permanent record. The logs are cleared on the 15th and the last day of each month.

In addition to hosting your Web site, we offer other related services such as Web site design, virtual domains and server co-location. We run our own Intranet and believe that any company with more than one location would benefit from accessing its data via the Internet. We are experts on how to maximize Internet resources.

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