All DSL Accounts provide extra mailboxes.

All DSL Accounts also have dial-up capability.

Digital Subscriber Lines use telephone circuits to provide remarkably fast Internet access. DSL requires that your premise is within a few miles of the phone company's Central Office and that the line inbetween is free of incumbrances. As with most new technologies, DSL is available in major population centers and just starting to spread to more rural areas. Cyber Mesa can check the availability at your premise and get an estimate of the speeds that would be possible. Line quality, however, is the one factor that cannot be determined until the actual installation.

Cyber Mesa offers quite a few DSL options, working in cooperation with a number of DSL companies. Rates start at $17.95 per month (with a separate charge from the phone company). On the low end, however, more subscribers share the pipe, meaning that the bandwidth (speed) may go down in periods of heavy traffic. Conversely, the higher the rate, the greater the guarantee that the bandwidth is always available to you. For home use, the low end is fine. For mission-critical businesses, we would recommend a plan that guarantees bandwidth most of the time.

Some types of DSL ride on your existing phone line. Intriguingly enough, you can talk on the phone and surf the Web at the same time on the same line. Other types of DSL service require the installation of a separate line and provide an "always on" connection to the Internet. The links above offer information about the different flavors and costs of DSL.

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