Domain Name Services

Many individuals and businesses opt for the convenience and prestige of their own domain, even if used only for email. The primary advantage of a domain is that if you happen to move to a far corner of the world, you can take the domain name with you to a new server: no matter where you might live, your email address will never change.

Cyber Mesa hosts many domains on its various servers. We are happy to assist you in acquiring a domain. Here are the steps:

1.Check to see if the domain name is available (all Internet domains are unique) by running "whois".

2.Apply to a registry for the domain. Typically, a tried and true registry charges $25+ per year with discounts for longer subscriptions. There is also a huge crop of newer registries that charge $10 or less per year.

3.Cyber Mesa "virtualizes" the domain on one of its servers. This means that we add programming to a server so that it responds as the new domain. The domain candeliver your email and/or house your Web site.

Beyond the expense of the registry, Cyber Mesa charges $4 per month to host the domain on one of our servers.

You can start the process by giving us a call

Acquiring the domain is immediate, though it might take up to two days before every router at every crossroad on the Internet can reliably point to the server. Cyber Mesa will handle the application free of charge. We have plenty of experience and can prevent some real headaches!

What's in a name? Recognition, Permanence, Prestige and Fun!