Personal Web Sites

We encourage subscribers to create a personal Web site on our main Cyber Mesa server. The Web site is free for up to 15 megabytes of space. You can use your Web site for anything from a family photo album to a means of promoting you latest endeavors.

There are many resources on the Internet for HTML, the formatting language used to create Web pages. Netscape Communicator provides a very easy graphical approach. Newer versions of Word and Publisher incorporate HTML conversion features.

Once you have your Web site developed, then the challenge is to upload it to the server. To do so, you need a File Transfer Program (FTP). You can get one off the Internet:

For the sake of example, let's pretend that your Cyber Mesa User ID is herman (in which case your email address might be When you run your FTP program, you enter as the Server or Host. Use your Cyber Mesa User ID (username) and password to gain access, for example, herman (plus password).

With the above information, the FTP program should take you to your directory on the Cyber Mesa server. If you need the UNIX path for any reason, it would be:

/u/h/herman    Substitute the first initial of your User ID followed by your User ID, for example, /u/a/abel. Keep it all lower case.

Your directory will resemble the listing below:

Scroll down through your directory to determine whether or not you already have a subdirectory entitled public_html. If not, then use your FTP program to create it. The files for your Web site must reside in your public_html subdirectory. Furthermore, the first file (page) that will load must be named index.html. If you have called your main file by another name, then be sure to rename it to index.html.

If your efforts are successful, then you can view your Web site by typing in the following URL in your Web browser (Netscape or Internet Explorer):
Substitute your own User ID for herman.

The tilde [~] is located in the upper left corner of the keyboard next to the number 1 and is essential to the address. If you want friends to view your Web site, you would send them your new URL (address) as demonstrated above.


All graphics and photographs need to be in JPEG or GIF format. Keep your images as small as possible to keep the downloading process short and hold the interest of your audience. Photographs and graphics should be less than 70 kilobytes with only a few to a page.

Make sure that your Web site is viewable at 640 x 480 (low) resolution, as it is still used by most of the world. Essentially, a page at higher resolution will go beyond the edges of the 640 x 480 screen, requiring the viewer to scroll to take in the entire page.

If you want to run a CGI script, then give us a call. We maintain FormMail on the server, which supports basic input fields for order forms, but we do not provide for individual CGI scripts on personal Web sites. To learn more about FormMail, visit:

Enjoy the Process!

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