Cyber Mesa Business Services

Internet Access

Cyber Mesa offers a number of solutions based on the availability of a given product relative to your location. Whether you have a small office or a large enterprise or institution, we can find a way to deliver high-speed Internet access. Cyber Mesa’s fiber optic backbone, with its diverse paths to the Internet, provides you with the performance and reliability your business requires.
Internet Access Description Speeds Symmetrical* Contract
Fiber-to-the-Premises Fiber – all the way from your business to the Internet. Service is limited to existing fiber fed areas Up to 1 Gbps Yes Yes (1/3/5 yr)
Fixed Wireless Reliable, fast and relatively inexpensive. Services limited to much of Santa Fe and the Espanola Valley 3 – 700 Mbps Yes Yes (1/3/5 yr)
Enterprise Ethernet Uses multiple copper lines to deliver reliable, symmetrical bandwidth at a lower cost than traditional large circuits. Service is limited by distance to our facilities 5 – 60 Mbps Yes Yes (1/3/5 yr)
Standalone DSL Uses a phone line without voice to deliver broadband. Data only services saves you hefty voice surcharges 3 – 7 Mbps No No
* Same speeds up and down

Phone Services

Cyber Mesa has the crystal clear, scalable and affordable voice solutions to meet your specific business needs. We offer both traditional voice as well as VoIP solutions. Do you have an existing traditional PBX? No Problem, we can convert you to VoIP without changing your equipment and with the significant cost benefits of IP voice services.
Phone Service Description Contract
Business Lines We offer a full selection of calling features and voice mail. Service includes three free calling features. We guarantee you will save over the competition, and you can keep your current phone numbers. No
Large Voice Circuits Voice service is delivered over a T1 that accommodates up to 23(PRI) or 24 individual lines. Our rates offer a substantial savings. Direct inline Dial (DID) numbers are available. Yes (1/3/5 yr)
VoIP VoIP uses your broadband connection rather than the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Today’s VoIP has voice quality often superior to an analog phone line. VoIP offers a number of advantages. It is less expensive than a traditional phone line and generally includes a large amount of free long distance within the United States and Canada. Because it is an Internet service, not all of the telecom surcharges apply, providing you with even greater savings. Standard Calling features are available. Yes (1/3/5 yr)
Long Distance Our long distance plan is refreshingly simple: we charge 4.9¢ per minute across the USA and Canada. For other parts of the world we charge somewhat less than the traditional phone companies. For example, a call to France runs 7¢ a minute. A call to India is 30¢ per minute. No

Other Internet Offerings

Cyber Mesa has proffered Internet services since 1994. Beyond Internet access, we maintain a bevy servers. Some deliver email, and others host domains and websites.
Other Internet Offerings Description
Email Don’t want your emails scanned by Google? Then skip Gmail and get our email service. Free email boxes are provided with Internet access. Our email easily integrates to your email program or cell phone via Pop or Imap. We also provide Web Mail so that you can check for messages from any computer that can access the Internet, any place in the world.
Domain Names If you have your own domain we can host it so that your email reflects your domain. In fact, domains are inexpensive to purchase, and our fee to maintain the domain on one of our servers is modest. If you have your own domain, then you will never have to change your email address again!
Web Hosting Our Web servers support many applications and technologies such as SQL, MySQL, PHP and WordPress. We maintain two geographically diverse access points to the Internet backbone, assuring redundancy and reliability.

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