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Fixed Wireless has come of age! The equipment, a radio on the roof, can fit in a shoebox. Alternately, the radio might be a dish that is 14" or 16" in diameter (depending on your distance from one of our Access Points). Fixed Wireless provides high-speed Internet access at very reasonable rates. Fixed Wireless is often available in areas where there is only mediocre cable or DSL.

Our offerings start at 3 megabits per second for $35.95 per month plus sales tax. We deliver the speed we provide with a modest cushion for overhead (less than 10%). Unlike the competition, we do not use the words "up to" to suggest that lower speeds are acceptable. Our plans include email and tech support.

In terms of bandwidth, the sky's the limit! Our standard plans include a 25 megabit per second offering, but depending on the location, or on a customized solution, we can provide up to 700 megabits per second.

How it Works

The prerequsite for service is line-of-sight from your premises to our Access Point, of which there are quite a few. Given line-of-sight, we install a radio on your roof. Typically, we would provide a stand anchored with cement blocks. Then we run an Ethernet cable from the radio down the side of your building. A hole is required to bring the cable inside and attach it to a router (or to a single computer). Newer buildings often have a conduit from the roof to a "telecom" closet. If that is the case, our cable would use the conduit.

As it happens, the radio requires very little electricity, so it receives its power from the router or computer. Generally, the radio might utilize 6 or 7 Watts. Once connected, the radio provides steady, reliable Internet access.

How to Get It

To learn more about Fixed Wireless, give Cyber Mesa a call at 988-9200 in Santa Fe (1-888-988-2700 from other areas). Ask for Mike or Efrain in our Sales group. Alternately, to see if your location qualifies, click on the bar below, and give us your basic information. We'll get back to you!

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