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All billing notices will be sent by email to your new account. If you want your bills to go to a different address (which can also be off-site), please type the address on the right. Email Billing Address

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Thanks for taking the time to provide the above information. Please read the Subscription Agreement below. If you agree to the terms, then go ahead and submit your information. After submitting the form, you will have the opportunity to print out your application and the Subscription Agreement.

Subscription Agreement

I agree to pay Cyber Mesa the installation fees (if applicable) and monthly charges for the services I have ordered. In the case of an Occasional or Power Account, I understand that I may incur charges for excess hours for Internet access.

In the event that I have submitted my credit card details, I authorize Cyber Mesa to charge my credit card monthly.

I understand that billing and other notices are sent by email only. I also realize that the monthly charges are ongoing until I inform Cyber Mesa in writing (by email, fax, or letter) to cancel a given service.

Furthermore, I understand that the first month of service is prorated and that all other months are billed at the start of the month. Therefore, if I elect to cancel my access after the first day of a given month, my account will continue until the end of the month in which I give written notice of cancellation without any refund due to me.

I release Cyber Mesa Computer Systems from all liability in the event that the system goes down for any reason.

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