Spam Control

Cyber Mesa contracts with a third party for Spam Control and Virus Interception. Email is filtered by rulesets for content (humans do not view your email). If it is deemed to be unsolicited commercial/bulk email (a.k.a. junk mail or spam), then the message is diverted to a remote server. The remote server maintains a Message Center for every customer. You can visit your Message Center at any time to view your suspect email.

The system applies to all domains provided by Cyber Mesa. It does not work for commercial domains owned by customers.

There are a number of advantages to the system. No servers are blocked, so no email is ever lost or bounced. You can dictate the level of Spam Control, or you can do away with Spam Control altogether. Almost all spam, depending on the level you select, will be diverted before reaching your In Box.

In the event that junk mail accumulates on the remote server, you will receive an email from us with a link to your Message Center. Use your Cyber Mesa username and password for the login process. When you access your Message Center, you will access the remote server, and you can view the diverted messages. You can also customize the settings to suit your personal requirements. From your Message Center click on the Junk Email link to access your options.

Messages diverted to the remote server are stored for 14 days and then deleted. Therefore, if you receive a lot of spam, we would recommend that you visit your Message Center about once a week to make certain that no legitimate mail was accidentally waylaid.

You can access your Message Center from the link on the Cyber Mesa Subscribers Only page. If you would like to visit your Message Center now, however, click on the address below. You might also want to bookmark it for future reference:

You will also want to visit your Message Center when you add and remove mailboxes. You can make additions and deletions by clicking on Account Settings, upper right as you enter the Message Center. The system will protect your 'sub-accounts' as long as they are included in your Account Settings on the remote server.