Tower on Black Mesa
Cyber Mesa Fixed Wireless


Fixed Wireless has come of age! The equipment, a radio on the roof, can fit in a shoebox. Alternately, the radio might be a dish that is 14" or 16" in diameter (dependent upon your distance from one of our Access Point). Fixed Wireless provides high-speed Internet access at very reasonable rates.Fixed Wireless is often available in areas where there is only mediocre cable or DSL. Unlike cable or DSL, Fixed Wireless can run at the same speed in both directions (referred to as "symmetrical" bandwidth). The symmetrical capability makes it an excellent alternative if you need to upload large amounts of data.

A Fiber Alternative

Fiber optic connectivity is the way of the future; it is essentially unlimited in capacity and once installed, it is as reliable as utilities such as water and gas. Unfortunately, fiber is not readily available at a price that everyone can afford. Fixed Wireless is inexpensive, and it can be built quickly. Fixed Wireless is so inexpensive and fast to install that we occasionally set up a temporary wireless connection for radio broadcasts from the Santa Fe Plaza, or for monthly promotional car sales at a mall, or for any other event that needs bandwidth in a cost-effective and timely manner. If you live in an area that is not served by DSL or cable, or if you don’t want to pay for a phone line you don’t use, then Fixed Wireless is the solution for you!

Cyber Mesa's Role

Cyber Mesa has completed a number of Fixed Wireless projects that provide high-speed Internet access. The Town of Silver City contracted with us for a dozen municipal entities (police department, Town Hall, the library, etc.). We recently put up a 65-foot tower on Black Mesa (north of Espanola) to serve residents in Espanola, Medenales, Ohkay Owingeh, Santa Clara Pueblo and parts of Abiquiu, Ojo Caliente, and Velarde. We can design and implement Fixed Wireless for the hard-to-get-to places. In a sparsely populated state such as New Mexico, Fixed Wireless can quickly extend fast Internet access to small housing developments and remote communities.

Call us to learn more. We can design and build to meet your needs!