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Cyber Mesa Call Forwarding

All operations must be performed from the phone number that you want to forward to another number. If you are taking an extended trip and want to receive messages through your Skype account, for example, you will need to enable Call Forwarding from the phone to be forwarded before you set out.

To Enable Call Forwarding

From the phone number to be forwarded, dial *72. You will hear a quick stutter tone, followed by a dial tone. Enter the 10-digit phone number that will receive the forwarded calls. You will hear another stutter tone followed by a dialtone: Call Forwarding is activated. If you hear a busy signal rather than the dialtone, something went amuck. You will need to start the process over again.

Note: If the telephone that will receive the calls is long distance from the originating number, then you will have to add a 1 to the beginning of its 10-digit number - and you will incur long distance charges!

To Remove Call Forwarding

To disable Call Forwarding, dial *73 from the phone number that was forwarded. You will hear a stutter tone, followed by a dialtone. Success!