Cyber Mesa Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP)

Higher Internet speed, crystal clear telephone service, and unprecedented up times are several of the benefits you will realize from fiber. There are lots of other advantages:

Fiber is the most reliable medium for Internet Access
  • Obtainable speeds are almost limitless
  • Distance from the fiber network hub does not affect speed
  • Your fiber links to the Internet Backbone without conversion:
    • Cable companies must convert your data from coax to fiber
    • DSL companies convert your data from copper to fiber
    • Wireless companies convert data from the airwaves to fiber
The advertised speed is what you get!
  • Fiber is not an "up to” the-billed-speed proposition - it is the full speed
  • There are no slowdowns due to congestion in busy periods
The higher speeds available on fiber let you interact with other networks effortlessly
  • You can back up your data to servers in the Cloud or across town
  • You can work with remote databases free of endless pauses
  • Videos flow with almost no buffering or other interruptions

Fiber is expensive to install, though more so in urban communities than in outlying areas. Fiber does increase property values, so it sometimes justifies the expense. In one instance Cyber Mesa provides FTTP to an outlying community that connects to the Internet via Fixed Wireless. The benefit is that all residences have equal access to high-speed Internet.

Fiber with Light

To learn more about the possibilities for fiber, give Cyber Mesa a call at 988-9200 in Santa Fe (1-888-988-2700 from other areas). Ask for Mike or Efrain in our Sales group.