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Cyber Mesa Fiber Services


Fiber is the most advanced system available for Internet access. Cyber Mesa’s fiber offerings provide super fast, wonderfully dependable connectivity. Fiber represents your best option, though it does not extend to many areas in New Mexico because of the construction costs. We hope to change that.

Advantages of Cyber Mesa Fiber Services

-Fiber all the way (no conversion from other media)
-Symmetrical plans available for fast uploads
-Low, low latency with 99.9% up-time
-Potentially limitless speed for the future

How it Works

A fiber optic strand (duly sheathed) transfers data as light through a miniscule glass core. An Optical Network Terminal (ONT), basically a "fiber modem", connects your fiber strand(s) to our equipment. In turn, we carry your data across the Internet. The Internet backbone, both trans-continental and trans-oceanic, rides on fiber. The speed of light might be a future roadblock, but for now, fiber offers the most reliable, future-proof Internet access known to man.

Residential Pricing
at Los Caminitos
Monthly Cost
15 / 10 Mbps
30 / 15 Mbps
50 / 25 Mbps
Business Pricing
at the Railyard
Monthly Cost
50 / 15 Mbps
100 / 25 Mbps
200 / 40 Mbps
  • Santa Fe sales tax applies to all rates.
  • Installation includes a "fiber modem" (ONT)
  • Cyber Mesa is happy to undertake fiber construction projects. We serve three Santa Fe communities where we engineered the fiber build.

Check Fiber Availability

You are welcome to give us a call at 988-9200 on any day of the week. If you prefer, fill out the following form, and we will check availability before responding. We make every effort to reply to you by the next business day.