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We've been around a while...
Back in 1989 an architect from Espanola, four guys from LANL and a Santa Fe photographer formed a New Mexico corporation with the intent to sell Amiga computers. A few years later, the group became fascinated with the Internet, still in its infancy. In the summer of 1994, Cyber Mesa became the second Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Santa Fe. A couple years later, it bought the subscribers of the original ISP. Cyber Mesa boasts long experience in the Internet realm.
We're on a mission...
Cyber Mesa provides New Mexicans with high-quality Internet services that reflect exceptional value. We embrace customer privacy and Net Neutrality.
Fiber is the future...
So far, Cyber Mesa has engineered fiber Internet access in three Santa Fe areas, plus a small fiber run in Silver City. Two of the communities that outlie Santa Fe enjoy Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH). Cyber Mesa plans to work with more developments to expand fiber access in New Mexico.
Wireless is the present...
Fixed wireless provides a relatively inexpensive solution to spread the Internet far and wide. It does require line-of-sight to an access point, but if you have that, then you have a clear path to a solid Internet connection. Cyber Mesa runs a sophisticated wireless network that connects to its fiber and the Internet backbone.
We offer advantages...
  • We deliver the speed we sell
  • We don't raise rates
  • We maintain two Internet paths
  • We're easy to reach on the phone
  • We know how to cut the cord
  • We defend customer privacy
  • Our profits stay in New Mexico