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Technical Support

We offer a number of webpages for troubleshooting and configuration (see the next column). If your connectivity goes amuck, there are a couple of steps that you can take that might remedy the situation.

Turn off (or unplug if necessary) ALL of your equipment including modems, routers or any other peripherals. While your devices are down, check all of your cabling to make sure that all connections fit snugly. After a minute has passed, repower everything, starting with the router and/or modem.

Lack of connectivity could be local, such as your modem or a power outage. It could also indicate that a part of Cyber Mesa's network is out of service. To get assistance, by all means give us a call at 505.988.9200. Alternately, you can send Tech Support an email about your issue at support@cybermesa.com.

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Spam Prevention

Cyber Mesa provides spam protection that customers can control through an individual Spam Dashboard. While some spam gets through on occasion, most of it is blocked before ever reaching your mailbox. To explore and customize your Spam Dashboard, log in below.

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