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Cyber Mesa Policies and Procedures


We view the Internet as the greatest resource known to Man - bar none! Our role is to provide access to the Internet. To that end, we have crafted a state-of-the-art Wide Area Network that ensures speedy, reliable data communications.

We value our customers, and we understand that many pursue other goals beyond computers and the Internet. Therefore, we strive to perfect our tech support so that we can help subscribers at all levels of computer literacy. We want our customers to succeed and to benefit as individuals and businesses from Internet connectivity.

Our staff is almost as varied in skills and concerns as our customers. We enjoy bridging the gap among ourselves to create a spirited organization on the cutting edge of technology. We are very enthusiastic about our business prospects and the future of the Internet.


We believe that we have an obligation to protect the privacy of our subscribers. Subsequently, we do not give out any customer information to third-parties for any reason, short of receiving a subpoena from a law enforcement agency.

If you have given us your credit card information for monthly billing, rest assured that your information resides in a secure place. In addition, all transaction processing is triple-encrypted.


Cyber Mesa Telecom will make every effort to ensure that our Wide Area Network and our other systems are functional at all times. Crazy things do happen, however, many of which involve others in the data chain or an act of God, and as such, are beyond our control. Therefore, we cannot be held liable in the event that the service is degraded or interrupted regardless of the reason. Furthermore, we will not compensate customers for loss of business.

We reserve the right to refuse or to terminate service to any individual or organization at any time at our sole discretion.

Technical Support

Our technical support is handled by local technicians that work for Cyber Mesa. If you call on a weekday between 8:00am and 6:00pm Mountain Time, staff members answer the phone. Generally the calls are not heavy, so we can help you on the spot.

On evenings, weekends and holidays you may encounter our answering machine. Be sure to enunciate your number clearly. We will return your call up until 9:00pm Mountain Time. From Santa Fe and Los Alamos, call 988-9200. From other areas, the toll-free number is 1-888-988-2700.

Our technical support is geared to handle initial installation and connectivity problems. If you call for support, please make sure that your computer is turned on, and that the telephone is nearby so that we can check your configuration with you.

The Dark Side

The vast majority of our customers are solid citizens intent on exploring and profiting from the digital world of the Internet. Cyber Mesa is committed to serve the interests of our customers as a whole. We are intolerant of individuals or legal entities that would threaten our capacity to provide services.

Because of the potential, there are plenty of renegades anxious to abuse the Internet for their own gain, be it downloading hijacked media (generally movies), sending spam or "phishing" for personal data. We do subscribe to a service that weeds our spam, though invariably, some gets through. We occasionally receive notices from media companies that one of our customers is downloading material illegally. We then warn the customer or take other action to prevent a recurrence.

Then again, we make no claim to control or police content on the Internet. For example, we do not know if a customer has incorporated material copyrighted by another on a website on our servers. Likewise, since we are not lawyers, we are not in a position to judge if a business offering on a subscriber's site is legitimate. We are, however, anxious to adhere to the laws of the land and to preserve the integrity of our corner of the Internet.

Practical Matters

Starting an Account

We assume that when a customer signs up, he or she is anxious to get on the Internet as fast as possible. We do our best to facilitate service.

The access charges for the calendar month in which a customer signs up are prorated. If and when a customer cancels an account, the cancellation takes effect at the end of the month when written notice is received from the customer.


Our billing is done on a calendar month basis. We almost always run the billing on the first of the month. The process is automated to accommodate the large number of customers.

We bill for services for the current month plus any long distance charges incurred during the previous month. Customers that pay by cash, check or purchase order are billed in advance on a quarterly basis to minimize the volume of paper transactions.

After the charges are posted, the credit card transactions are sent to the bank electronically. We send an email notice to every customer. The email invoice tells you what the current charges are for your account. If you pay by credit card, the email tells you what we charged to your card. If you pay by cash or check, it gives you the amount of the charges and of your remaining credit, if applicable.

Service Changes

We require that any and all changes be submitted in writing. Theoretically, all customers have access to email, but we accept snail mail (and even faxes!) as well. We consider the requirement a protection for all concerned. No one can call up and cancel another's account. If there is a question or an error on our part, we have the document for reference.

You can request service changes to take effect immediately or at a future date. Some service changes require an additional charge. While we frown on cancellations, we understand that sometimes customers must move on. We do not prorate the last month, but if the customer has a credit after services are paid in full, we do issue a refund by check.

Customer Responsibility

We assume that if a customer signs up he or she is ready and willing to take the necessary steps to get on line. We consider customers responsible for reading our email billing statement and checking their credit card charges. We can and do make mistakes, but by keeping our customers informed, we hope that they will ask questions so that we can root out possible errors in a timely manner.

We promise fast, dependable Internet Access!