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Virus Prevention Tips

Computer viruses are often virulent and always a HUGE inconvenience. If you use the Internet you must have an anti-virus program that screens Web pages and email. If you have ever tried to remove viruses from a hard drive, then you know that virus prevention is the ONLY approach.

Our Spam Dashboard does detect email viruses and then quarantines them on a remote server. You can view the email that was blocked due to a virus by visiting your Dashboard. You still need an anti-virus program on your computer to guard you against the rest of the Internet! Also, please keep in mind that when a new virus strikes, there is a lag in time before the anti-virus program providers find an antidote. Hence, be cautious about downloading anything from a questionable source.

Anti-virus programs can be purchased in a store or downloaded from the Internet. Oddly, a couple of the virus protection outfits offer a bare-bones free version. The companies below are reputable.

Beyond viruses, there are other gotchas out there referred to as adware or malware. Typically, the cookie or program tracks your buying habits so that Internet retailers can target ads according to your interests. Of course, there are programs to route out malware, too! The darling of the moment is Malwarebytes. The free version requires that you run the software manually. Once a week should suffice.